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A dignified traditional Serbian Orthodox funeral

In accordance with our centuries-old Orthodox tradition, it has been observed by our ancestors since time immemorial. This respect for their tradition has helped them preserve their identity through the many trials and tribulations of history, from wars to occupations, from godless communism to mindless atheism.

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Аnđеlkо Мајinоvić (1961 - 2017)

Anđelko Majinović, 55, passed away on Wednesday, July 26, 2017. Born on September 2, 1961 in Gornje Smоlućе, near Lukavac in Bosnia to Mirko and Cvija Majinović.

Loving husband to Smiljka; Beloved father to Nikolina; Charished brother to Perо and Slоbоdаn Мајinоvić, Мilicа Мitrоvić, Drаgicа Cvјеtkоvić i Dušаnkа Kаsumоvić; Anđelko will be sorely missed by numerous other family members, Kumovi and friends in the USA, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the USA and world-wide.

Opelo (Serbian Orthodox Funeral Service), and interment took place on Friday, August 11, 2017 at 12 noon at the Pučilе Cemetery, in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For more information please call SVETA GORA SERBIAN ORTHODOX FUNERAL HOME, telephone 773-588-2200.

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Zoran Zdravkovic (Macomb, MI) • 09/25/2017
 Нај искреније саучешће породици Мајиновић.
Boro i Mila Ilic (Macomb, Michigan- USA) • 08/06/2017
Folkorna Grupa Rastko Jovanovski (Warren, MI) • 08/03/2017
 Iskreno saucusce porodici Majinovic. Deepest sympathies to Smiljka and Nikolina. Our hearts are broken for our very sweet dancer Nikolina, and her mom Smiljka.
Душко Јанковић (Детроит, САД) • 08/02/2017
 Нај искреније саучешће породици Мајиновић. Вјечнаја памјат.
Snjezana Adamovic (Troy, USA) • 08/02/2017
 Iskreno saucesce porodici Majinovic.
Zeljko I Vildana Radinkovic (Detroit, USA) • 08/02/2017
 Iskreno saucesce porodici Majinovic